Together with the philosophy of osteopathic principles and practice, osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) brings distinctiveness to DOs. Osteopathic family physicicans who regularly practice OMT have a useful skillset that provides an ideal alternative to medication for treating many types of pain and conditions.

The all-new ACOFP OMT Video Library of videos contain demonstrations of 150 OMT procedures to treat the whole body for a range symptoms. The video feature of several expriences physicians showing various methods of OMT procedures while explaining their techniques and the conditons that are addressed.

ACOFP's OMT Video Library is a great way to refresh your knowledge of OMT procedures used in everyday patient care. It is also ideal for preparing to take the practical portion of certification and recertification exams.

Find the video you need with the helpful new menu that allows you to sort by

- Symptom/Conditions/Disease

- Anatomic Area

- Manipulation Type

- or by Keyword

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Pricing is based on a 12 month subscription.
Colleges of Medicine
< 500$3000
500 - 750$4500
751 - 1000$6000
1000 +$7500
Residency Programs
< 5$400
6 - 12$800